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" We are not just selling you a piece of paper; we are providing you with Hope, an act of kindness, a caring for your future. To these ends, we will make available to you at your convenience a qualified person to answer any questions, but that will not replace legal advice should. You need it. We are proud to be Canadian and a non-profit to give you value for your purchase. This is an asset more relevant than ever. A Will is gold. Sometimes important things come in small packages."
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Short Last Will

A Short Last Will: this is a shorter document that includes all of the basics i.e. the names of the executor(s), items and monetary gifts, some legal terms and sets out all other instructions to be followed.

Longer Last Will

A Longer Will: includes all legal requirements as well as additional clauses which incorporate special provisions for disabled individuals or children and the ages at which the gifts are to be given, the ‘Trustees and Guardians and the tasks to be carried out. There is also room to add additional thoughts.

Living Will

Living Will is often desired by those whose aim is to slip over to the ” other side” and gives permission to their doctor and their loved ones that the process is ok.

The Will Kit Manitoba is a non-profit organization offering legal will kit, last will, testament, a Living Will. We help the environment by giving all our funds to charities, including Trees Canada and the Wildlife Federation. We offer reviewed legal documents available to you and give you peace of mind for future emergencies.

With 50 years of combined experience, a blueprint has been designed to help you do this yourself / this is as a public space to help people navigate the mysteries of the law. We have organized documents for your sole use, and your role is important in the process to achieve a good result and drive your success. This document will help you navigate the path and a chance to complete your task. This is a keystone project to enable the central foundation of your legal needs.

Ignore naysayers and make a small legal purchase to success and independence. Our product reduces your cost substantially and solves a problem with an idea. It transforms your experience that will stand the test of time. The result of these efforts supports your need to quietly and privately participate in corporate philanthropy. The package with the last will, testament, and optionally a living will hold together your various needs and provide a plan for action to enrich and tie together your eternal needs.


At Will-Kit Manitoba, We Strive to be Available and Serve The Public.

We provide an easy opportunity to preserve their rights to gift their assets on death and to give instructions they desire. Our Mission is to assist our customers by providing superior customer service and support. We look forward to working with you.

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